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Top 10 Things to Protect Yourself From Wall Street October 10, 2008

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1. Be Positive
2. Negotiate your credit card rates ( DO NOT miss minimum payments)
3. Reduce Cable Packages
4. Reduce Cell Phone Plans
5. Reduce/Cancel Gym Memberships
6. Reduce Entertainment Expenses
7. Reduce Dining Out
8. Put some of your Savings in a short term CD/ Start Saving!
9. Take Public Transportation
10. Be Positive

The extra money should be put to the side in a savings account.


I am a Woman September 23, 2008

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I am soft and supple the way a woman should be, although I have the heart of a lion trying to be free.

I do a lot of things and not all of them satisfy me. I take on a lot of challenges that don’t necessarily challenge me. With everything thing that I do and do not do, I am always looking to define who it is, or what it is I want to be.

A lot gets lost in translation as I bite my tongue, pace my self, and spare others that cross my lines. I am on a journey of a lifetime. My lifeline.

For three years I have been trying to share my soul with the world. I have honestly been trying to make the world a better place. Sharing all information that I believe to be useful in someones life to help them make a better decision, another choice, or to understand alternatives that are available.

I always wonder if I am comprimising too much by doing too much.

I am a woman and I am trying to share.


I PASS THE TEST: Day 1 Week 25 of the 2013 Meditation Challenge June 17, 2013

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Thank You


Welcome to the 2013 Spiritmuv Meditation Challenge.

beauty eleven

I pass the test.  I reach the top.  I climb the mountain.  I achieve better than the best.  I score the highest.  I succeed beyond expectations.  I know what I need to know and I show it.  I shine my light.  I stay the course.  I remain focused.  I win the race.  Every fact, every figure, every hypothetical, every law, every rule, every procedure, every possibility, everything bit of wisdom that I need energizes me with the wisdom of the ages.

I pass the test.  I deliver exactly what is required.  You see, I asked and the universe answered.  I sought, and I found.  I knocked and the door opened.  And I realized in an instant – that there is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot accomplish, nothing that I cannot be.

The Psalmist reminded us that a thousand may…

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Missing You July 24, 2008

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I was accepted into New York Law School on July 21, 2008 and I am completely proud of myself. Being accepted into law school was a journey that had taken many detours, stops, and starts.

My life has been filled with ups and downs like every other person on the planet, but from my perspective the downs have been way downs. It starts with the amount of drugs in my life and how at age five I knew what a crack pipe looked like. I was fortunate enough to not be a drug addict at 5, but there were people in my life that were.

But this purging of my soul is not about drugs or the people who abused them, or was abused by drugs rather. It is about the losses that I cannot shake.

When I was ten years old my best friend died, my sister. It is devastating, a person who is responsible for everything you know, and encourages you to be the smartest, funniest person in the world, is just removed from you life, forever.

It’s about hitting milestones in your life, and your go to persons just going away. My cousin died my first year of college, the person who stepped in after my sister died to be my big brother. The guy who wouldn’t let me talk to any other guys, and continually reminded me that it was cool to be smart, and wouldn’t allow me to have a low self esteem, when I believed I was ugly, and too fat. It is about the guy who was too proud to say a real good bye when I left, so we never really got to say good bye at all.

It is about my grandfather, who supported everything about me. Who loved me blindly and gave to me freely. It is about knowing the sacrifices he made for me, to help me and not being able to be thankful enough.

My grandmother, the funniest person in the entire world, the smartest, most loving woman I have ever met, who taught me what it means to love in this world. Who would brag about me to her friend’s contempt. Who would remind me that she had over 50 years on me, to help me keep things in perspective, as she consoled my tears, as I worked though all the strife.

This is about the people who know where I have come from, and know how hard and difficult things have been without thinking I am trying to strum a violin. It is about knowing that I am not looking for sympathy, but understanding how hard I have worked to not become a victim of circumstances. It is because the people who helped me become the woman that I am and the woman that I strive to be are here only in spirit, when I desperately want them, and need them here with me, so they can see that I did it, and I am doing it!


Scared to Fail…Get Over It!!! May 21, 2008

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Fear is a crippling disease and its only remedy is courage. Courage is staring in the face of fear and standing as tall as shaky knees will allow. You have already failed if you are too afraid to try, let go of trying to perfect, as human beings we are already perfect and full of glory, it is when we exercise our perfection, our humanness we gain invaluable insight, and insight on life simply by trying.

Please share your story with over coming fear with the rest of us!


Always Wear a Condomn Before the Trash Man/Woman Takes You Out! May 2, 2008

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Be Excellent Always!

Always Use Condoms

NYC AIDS rate is 3 times the U.S. Average
73% of new HIV infections are Male
27% are female (87% Heterosexual Contact)
HIV diagnosis rates highest in persons 30-39
HIV diagnosis rates 5 times higher in Blacks than Whites
HIV diagnosis rates highest in Bronx and Manhattan

(Counseling and Testing info)


If No One Ever Told You March 27, 2008

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I am tired of watching fat people kill themselves slowly. I am tired of watching people eat fried food like that is the only way possible to cook a piece of meat. I am tired of watching people pour soy sauce, hot sauce, and ketchup on everything like people didn’t travel across the world trading different spices. I am tired of watching children eat donuts and chips for breakfast, with a tall glass of soda. I am tired of looking at people wear pants that are too small for them while the cracks of their asses try to escape for some fresh air from the snatch box has been smothered to fester and die. I am tired of large stomachs spilling over jeans causing crime scenes to emerge on the poor belly button that has been compressed to be no more. I am tired of still seeing people on crack, who has ever successfully shaken the side effects of crack. I am tired of women who get beat up by their boyfriends and never call the police. I am tired of people who still smokes cigarettes and of people who get high when their jobs perform random drug test? Here is a clue, gets a job that doesn’t perform random drug testing. I am tired of little boys holding on to being fly, that can’t read, and I am tired of the little girls that hang all over them hoping to be pretty as the seat of their jeans are filthy and hasn’t seen the day and the life in a wash machine. I am tired of their parents that will beg, borrow, and steal to make sure they have the brand new, new, but won’t sit with them and read. I am tired of bad rap, and bad R&B, I am tired of reality TV. I am tired of people who don’t go hard, I am tired of people that don’t commit and I am tired of people that waste space and air talking about absolutely nothing-like totally. I am tired of stupid and just want to see it end.